"By widening our horizons we widen our minds.

By Experiencing other ways of living, we gain new insights and see our own reality in a new light.

By sharing our stories we inspire others.

In this way the circle continues and the stories live on"



I am a Finland based freelance photographer, who's work is inspired by my true passion for travel, nature, people and humanity.

Having grown up in Belgium, I moved to Australia at a very young age in order to live true to myself and enjoy life to the fullest.  Recently I have settled on Finland's north-west coast with my family, where I now have my permanent  base.

With a background in nursing, I have worked for many years in the operation theatres both in Belgium and Australia.  The people I have met and the stories I have witnessed have driven me  to pursue my true passion in life and focus on my photography.

Through some powerful photography I try to express not only my own personal stories, but truly love telling the stories of others in a very unique way.

By capturing and sharing these visual stories with the rest of the world, I hope to take everyone on a visual journey and be a scource of inspiration.  


I am available for hire locally and internationally and have experience in creating captivating, strong visual stories for all kinds of organisations, businesses, agencies, publishers, corporations and all people in search of professional, unique and powerful photography.

Please contact me for more information.